Knieholz (Kneeling logs)

2019 | sculpture, art objects | gold and gesso on wood, calligraphy, sgraffito, china ink

Knieholz (kneeling logs):
A series of instruments for meditation and atonement.
Recognise our sin. See the divine in the worm. Start making amend.
Pain is bliss.

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 001 | ca. 26x10x9 cm | gold and gesso on wood, sgraffito | 2019

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 002 | ca. 23x8x9 cm | gold and gesso on wood, china ink | 2019
Thomas Sing | Knieholz 003 | ca. 28x4,5x11 cm | gold and gesso on wood, sgraffito | 2019

Each Knieholz features a text, which is either written or engraved on the gold.
The texts on the kneeling logs are mantras that sound contemporary, although they are adaptations from ancient (mostly medieval) texts.
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Relevant techniques: gold on gesso, gilding, Polimentvergoldung, inscription, carving, sgraffito, engraving, calligraphy, Kalligrafie, Inskription, Gravur, Skulptur, sculpture, art object, Kunstobjekt.