Until I Break

Until I Break is one of the most beautiful and profound photo books I have ever seen.”

Matthias Straub
(Editor in chief of The Opéra)


Thomas Sing – UNTIL I BREAK

an archeology of desire,
limited edition book of 300, signed, numbered & sealed
144 pages of previously unreleased images and texts
linen hard-cover with gold embossing, Swiss binding, gilt edged
measurements: 33.3×24.7×2.2 cm / wrapped in paper approx. 35.5×27.0x3.0 cm, 1310 gr.

ISBN: 978-3-00-055804-7

#1 and #300 each with two signed fine-art prints on Hahnemühle Photorag Satin: SOLD OUT

#11-290: SOLD OUT

# 6, 9
# 294-298

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Inscription and intensity, memory and desire, lines and disruptions, blanks, abysses…

Thomas Sing’s first book comes to grips with the intellectual and artistic references of his whole life.
It is an open invitation to hunt down their traces, a visual journey, just as tender as it is violent.

Until I Break is a completely original work.
With all its images shot on film, and its texts flashing through, the book sets memories free, just to sweep them away. In their up-lighting, yet even more in their fading, they echo that crucial Inner Experience that Sing is constantly chasing.

All beginnings and ends always lie outside the picture. They can only be thought of as endlessly far way, where all perspectives collide, never in reach, but always with the vertiginous necessity of a corps obscur, a black hole. 


„[…] And de Sade’s La nouvelle Justine on the shelf, like a hungry female shark in the middle of detective and love stories and other cheap books. The first novel I ever read, some time during (or rather exactly at the end of) my childhood.
The first time I consciously experienced this vertiginous desire: lines of destruction, transversals of self-abolition, the discovery of a truth in the other that is so powerful and hits me with such evidence and brutality to have me wishing it would bury and sweep me away. […]
Being Justine… Being Juliette, too, which I ordered with some embarrassment at the library after my return, but still more Justine, notre intéressante héroine, my first shot if you like: all at once intravenous, intracardial, intracerebral, intragenital, intraspiritual and irreversible. […]“ – text excerpt –


„[…] Und de Sades La nouvelle Justine im Bücherregal, wie eine hungrige Haiin inmitten von Groschen-, Liebes- und Spionageromanen. Der erste Roman, den ich je gelesen habe, irgendwann oder exakt am Ende der Kindheit.
Zum ersten mal die bewusste Erfahrung dieses schwindelerregenden Begehrens: Vernichtungslinien, Transversalen der Selbstauslöschung, die Entdeckung einer Wahrheit im Anderen, die so mächtig ist, die mich mit einer derartigen Evidenz und Brutalität trifft, dass ich von ihr begraben, überschrieben werden möchte. […]
Justine sein. Auch Juliette sein, nach Heimkehr und schamhafter Bestellung in der Buchhandlung, doch mehr noch Justine, notre intéressante héroine, mein erster Schuss sozusagen, gleichzeitig intravenös, intrazerebral, intrakardial, intragenital, intraspirituell und irreversibel. […]“ – Textauszug –


„[…] Et La Nouvelle Justine de D.A.F. de Sade sur les étagères, comme un requin femelle affamé au milieu de romans à l’eau de rose, d’espionnage et de petite littérature. Le premier roman que j’aie lu, vers la fin, voire à la fin même de mon enfance.
Pour la première fois l’expérience consciente de ce désir vertigineux: des lignes d’abolition, d’extinction de soi, la découverte d’une vérité dans l’autre qui est si bouleversante, qui m’atteint d’une telle brutalité et d’une telle évidence, que je désire en être ensevelie, écrasée. […]
Être Justine. Être Juliette aussi, après l’avoir commandé, honteuse, dans la librairie de ma ville, mais bien plus encore Justine, notre intéressante héroïne, mon premier shoot pour ainsi dire, tout à la fois intraveineux, intracardiaque, intracérébral, intragénital, intraspirituel et irréversible. […]“ – extrait du livre –


„[…] E La nouvelle Justine di de Sade sullo scaffale, come una femmina di squalo affamata in mezzo a libri gialli, rosa e da quattro soldi. Il primo romanzo che abbia mai letto, circa, o meglio esattamente, alla fine della mia infanzia.
Per la prima volta l’esperienza cosciente di questo vertiginoso desiderio: linee di abolizione, trasversali di dissoluzione del sé, la scoperta di una verità nell’altro, così potente, e che mi colpisce con tale evidenza e brutalità, da farmi desiderare di venirne sepolta, spazzata via. […]
Essere Justine. Ma anche essere Juliette, che avevo ordinato in libreria, non senza un certo imbarazzo, al mio ritorno, ma più Justine, notre intéressante héroïne, praticamente la mia prima dose, al contempo intravenosa, intracardiaca, intracerebrale, intragenitale, intraspirituale e irreversibile. […]“ – estratto di testo –


AWARDS: Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) 2017 – Silver in the Fine Art Book category

Vienna Photo Book Festival 2017
Cosmos Arles Books 2017
Gazebook: Sicily Photo Book Festival 2017
Unseen Amsterdam 2017
Polycopies Paris 2017

Cercle Champs de Bataille, presentation chez Madame Louis, Paris, May 2017
ARTMUC art fair, Munich, May & November 2018
Galerie KernWeine, Stuttgart, as a part of the release of The Opéra Vol. VII, November 2018


THE OPÉRA Anniversary Issue, Kerber Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-7356-0852-9

THE OPÉRA, Magazine for Contemporary Nude Photography, Vol. VII / 2018, Kerber Verlag