02.04.-22.05.2022 Les Danaïdes – group exhibition at The Bridge by Christian Berst, Paris, curated by Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge (PRESS KIT) – with catalogue.

Past Exhibitions:
07.01.-28.02.2021 Neue Mitglieder – group show in the Ecke Galerie (Augsburg) (works from the Knieholz and Contemplations Series, with catalogue)
24.07.-21.01.2021 Knieholz (Kneeling Logs) in the Studio of Galerie Noah (Augsburg)
03.12.-27.12.2020 Das kleine Format – group show in the Ecke Galerie (Augsburg) (new works from the Knieholz Series)
01.02.-16.02.2020 group show ‚How deep is your love‘ curated by Galerie Nue (Paris)
2019 Positions with Galerie z22 (Munich)
2017 group show at Galerie Noah (Augsburg)
2015 solo show at Galerie Benjamin Eck (Munich)

2021 Prix the la Photographie Paris (category: book fine art) for Hard Theory
2017 Prix the la Photographie Paris (category: book fine art) for Until I Break (limited edition collector’s book)
2013 Prix the la Photographie Paris (category: fine art) for La Méditation (200×140 cm, fresco print on plaster and canvas)

Publications (monographs):
2020 Hard Theory, photo book with texts, a publication by Thomas Sing, Alexandra Keiner and Chiara Padovan, ISBN: 978-3-00-067091-6
2017 Until I Break, limited edition collector’s book, 300 copies, ISBN: 978-3-00-055804-7

2022 Goth – Designing Darkness, exhibition catalogue, Design Museum Den Bosch, ISBN: 978-90-8321-0100
2018 The Opèra Vol. VII, Classic and contemporary nude photography, Kerber Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-7356-0463-7

Since 2010 publication of photography work in national and international newspapers and magazines (such as Vogue, L’Officiel, Madame, Qvest, F.A.Z. Magazin and Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Photo Book Festivals (Until I Break):
2017 Vienna Photo Book Festival
2017 Cosmos Arles Books
2017 Gazebook: Sicily Photo Book Festival
2017 Unseen Amsterdam
2017 Polycopies Paris

Book Presentations (Hard Theory):
2021 Galerie Stephanie Kelly, Dresden, as part of Short Dated, a curated book room for over 60 artistic publications

Book Presentations (Until I Break):
2018 Galerie KernWeine, Stuttgart, as a part of the release of The Opéra Vol. VII, November 2018, moderation by Matthias Straub and Romano Dudas (editor and art director of The Opèra)
2017 Cercle Champs de Bataille, presentation chez Madame Louis, Paris, May 2017, moderation by Monika Marczuk (art critic and editor of Cahiers Bataille No. 3 and 4)

Thomas Sing’s photographs have been published in: Süddeutsche Zeitung, F.A.Z. Magazin, Qvest, Madame Magazin, Maxima, Positionen, MC1R, 74 Mag, 160g, J’AM, BLUR Magazine, ZINK Magazine, Dahse Magazine, N-Sphere art magazine, Style noir, A/SH, Diorama, BLANC, GLASSbook, AnotherSomething, LolaWho, CuratedbyGirls, Equistyle, Platea Magazine, Hairdresser Journal,, Nakid Magazine, C-Heads, Schön Magazine, LeMille Magazine, The Opéra, L’Officiel,,, Vogue Italia, Vogue Deutsch