Thomas Sing Art AR App

view my art in your room

New shows are coming up, but if you can’t make it, now you can still see my art anywhere, anytime.

Have you ever asked yourself: „How would this artwork look on my wall?“, and what if you want to discuss with your partner, designer, or architect if it matches the living room or office?

We have you covered!

We have teamed up with AVK Terwey to create an augmented reality app for iOs and Android which is fun and easy to use, so that you can now bring my art into your home.

Turn your space into a virtual art gallery, choose your favourites, place them on your wall and share the results with your contacts!

Find the Thomas Sing Art AR App here:
Apple App Store (iOS)
Google Play Store (Android)

The goal of the augmented reality app is to showcase my artworks and to offer interested art collectors, art investors, interior designers, and all art lovers a free decision-making tool. Thanks to the augmented reality app, you can browse through my œuvre, then place various artworks virtually in a room, and review which artwork you like best in our own space – virtually on the display of a smartphone or tablet.

Immense gratitude to AVK Terwey for this incredible piece of work, your dedication, your know-how and patience. This is so much better than I could have ever imagined.

I wish you a great time with it. Let me know how you like it and feel free to review the app!

Find the App in the Apple App Store (iOS) or in the Google Play Store (Android)

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