If you have been watching my Instagram Stories from time to time you certainly noticed all these charcoal drawings that I post almost every morning.
Well, I’ve done already around 250 of them since December 2020 when I started to draw during the 2nd Covid19-lockdown in the silence of my German atelier.
What might look quite different to the rest of my work at first is for me just a new approach, using a new medium.

There’s this search for metaphysics in all my works, this striving for an experience that goes beyond the appearance of things. In the course of this journey, art became a practice for me to lose all attachment to my self, to my ego, letting all of this go to open up to the experience of something greater than myself.
Over the years, meditation has become the fundamental basis of my days, and for a long time I have been taking notes of my experiences. But as my trances got deeper and longer, writing became less and less an option, mostly because I didn’t have the time to write down everything that I saw, but also because describing in words what I experienced became more and more impossible. So the primary motivation for this series wasn’t at all to create art, but to make visual notes, to have a visual diary of my daily practices.

After the first couple of drawings, the reactions of the people around me showed me that these drawings, of which I thought of just as deeply personal recordings, talked to them and touched them. So I sticked to it and I’m still drawing daily.
They’re a door to darkness, a door to light, a door to everything.
All drawings are on 50 x 70 cm (ca. 19.7 x 27.6 inches) sheets, charcoal on paper.
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