FINALLY a new post… The arrival of our little son put my life quite upside down, but it’s such a rewarding experience watching this little guy laugh and grow ❤️
I used the time off here to think a little bit about how to present my works. I used to separate my photographic work from my other artistic works – but this seemed more and more schizophrenic to me, as I personally don’t make a difference between all these media, they’re different expressions of my artistic impulse. That’s why I’ve decided to show now more of all my work here, too.

I’m starting with this recent ink-on-silvergelatine microécriture work, it’s a analogical print (processed in my own darkroom on Hahnemühle MG Art baryta paper), approx. 30x30cm, on which I was writing a text in Middle High German by Mechthild von Magdeburg’s (1207-1282) book „The Flowing Light of the Godhead“(„Das fließende Licht der Gottheit“). This ultra-small handwriting is something which turned out to really amaze people (in fact you’d need to see this one physically in front of your eyes), it’s so small you can hardly read it without a magnifier. Of course, every work is a unique piece, this isn’t a reproduction, and the text isn’t written by a computer, but by hand (by my very own hand) using traditional China ink, which takes some days of work for a 30×30 cm piece.

If you want to know anything about my work, just drop me a line, I’ll explain much more about it in my upcoming posts.