Knieholz. A series of instruments for meditation and atonement.

gold and gesso on wood | china ink | 2019 – ongoing

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 005

Throughout the ages, countless Saints, individuals and whole religious orders saw and still see it as their sacred purpose to sacrifice their whole lives to atone for the sins of others by taking their place, by suffering on their behalf.

Can mysticism help us embrace a more sustainable way of life?
How can we learn from those who managed over thousand of years to transform their suffering into grace?
Can we eventually sacrifice our comfort for the sake of all with pleasure?

Renunciation can be gold.

The kneeling log is a hybrid. It is sacred and profane at the same time.
Nevertheless it’s an artifact of meditation, of prayer, of contemplation, of expiation.


The future is ascetic. And full of joy.

Pain is Bliss

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 005

When depicting a practice is no longer enough, you start creating tools for it.

Kneeling had become such a topos in my photographic work that the only next possible step was creating a kneeling instrument which would suit the higher intention of this practice .


That’s when the Knieholz series was born.

A kneeling log to ascend yourself, to find the gold within you, and so much of it that it would flow out of you and onto the wood, then onto the world.

Each Knieholz (kneeling log) is inscribed with a mantra you can meditate on.

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 005

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 005 | ca. 18×12.5×9 cm | gold and gesso on wood, china ink | 2019

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 005
Thomas Sing | Knieholz 003

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 003 | ca. 28×4,5×11 cm | gold and gesso on wood, sgraffito | 2019

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 003
Thomas Sing | Knieholz 008

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 008 | ca. 27x9x11 cm | gold and gesso on wood, china ink | 2019

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 008

The gilding technique I use is a traditional one that goes back to ancient Egypt. Only natural materials are used.

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 008

This is but a small selection from the Series. For more information get in touch!

Thomas Sing | Knieholz 001


Thomas Sing | Knieholz 011

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Relevant techniques: gold on gesso, gilding, Polimentvergoldung, inscription, carving, sgraffito, engraving, calligraphy, Kalligrafie, Inskription, Gravur, Skulptur, sculpture, Skulptur, art object, Kunstobjekt, Fassmalerei.